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We are Daniel Morad and Jessica Hofman, the Founders of Moradness and M Label. 


Moradness is a Canadian lifestyle brand inspired by racing. We create unique headwear, clothing and karting experiences.


The brand launched in 2017 after Co-Founder Daniel Morad won the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona with his team. 


M Label by Moradness is our way to share our creativity with you and give you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. 


Sharing our passion and knowledge is what makes our company worth it and it was always a goal of ours to give the possibility to create your own identity through us.


We've perfected our products over the years and are very proud we can now offer the highest level of quality, service and design experience. 


Whether it's for a company, a team or a corporate gift, you can create and customize your headwear from start to finish with M Label directly.